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In general, we should use the same criteria when deciding what list to include as we use to decide what articles to include in the See also section. It was one of the first buildings designed with a steel framework, and to achieve this height with other construction methods of that time would have been very difficult. Either method needs careful judgment as to whether and how it should be used. It also enables the automatic table of contents to detect the list. Lists are commonly used in Wikipedia to organize information. Terms and definitions, metadata topics and values, questions and answers, or any other groups of name-value data." 2 3 On Wikipedia, the most common use of a description list is for a glossary, where it is preferable to other styles. Examples: Approach Output Code List with commas Entry 1, entry 2, entry 3 Just plain text List with Hlist Entry 1 entry 2 entry 3 hlistEntry 1entry 2entry 3 List with Flatlist Entry 1 entry. Reaching consensus on the talk page before editing the list itself not only saves time in the long run, but also helps make sure that each item on the list is well referenced and that the list. Using images with lists requires some care. That same year, the Chrysler Building took the lead as the tallest building in the world, scraping the sky at 1,046 feet (319 m). It is typical (e.g., in university logic texts) to distinguish a number of different kinds and techniques of definition, including dictionary or lexical definition, intensional definition, extensional definition, ostensive definition, stipulative definition, operational definition, theoretical definition, persuasive definition, and definition by genus and difference. Use sentence case by default for list items, whether they are complete sentences or not. Additionally, an overly precise list title can be less useful and can make the list difficult to find; the precise inclusion criteria for the list should be spelled out in the lead section (see below not the title.

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Pro and con lists can encapsulate or bracket neutrality problems in an article by creating separate spaces in which different points of view can be expressed. Tables might be used for presenting mathematical data such as multiplication tables, comparative figures, or sporting results. Especially do not leave blank lines between items in a list, since this causes the MediaWiki software to misinterpret each item as beginning a new list. Boilerplate text edit Directly before an incomplete list, insert expand list, which will substitute the following onto the page: This list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding. Timelines a timeline is a graphical representation of a chronological sequence of events. Modernist architect Raymond Hood, and Lever House after World War II, began the clusters of "glass boxes" that transformed the classic skyline of the 1930s, culminating in the World Trade Center towers (1973). Although the format of a list might require less detail per topic, Wikipedia policies and procedures apply equally to both a list of similar things as well as to any related article to which an individual thing on the list might be linked. Indices an index on Wikipedia is an alphabetical list of articles on a given subject. They include lists of Advantages and disadvantages of a technology or proposal (such as Wi-Fi ) and lists of Criticisms and defenses of a political position or other view, such as libertarianism or evolution. Dynamic lists a dynamic list is any list that changes as the subject it covers changes. Examples would include lists organized chronologically, grouped by theme, or annotated lists. This introductory material should make clear the scope of the list. Introductory material edit Further information: Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Stand-alone lists  Selection criteria Lists should have introductory material; for stand-alone lists, this should be the lead section. /li /ol definitely not a good idea! The city's striking skyline has been composed of numerous and varied skyscrapers, many of which are icons of 20th-century architecture.

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sentences and fragments as items in the same list. A list of any type may be dynamic. Otherwise, bizarre results are achieved. As a general rule, the "See also" section should not repeat links that appear in the article's body or its navigation boxes. There is some controversy over how many links to articles and links to lists that should be put in any article. When wikimarkup colons are used just for visual indentation, they too are rendered in html as description lists, but without ;-delimited terms to which the :-indented material applies, nor with the list start and end tags, which produces broken markup (see WP:Manual. Therefore, all individual items on the list must follow Wikipedia's content policies: the core content policies of Verifiability (through good sources in the item's one or more references No original research, and Neutral point of view, plus the other content policies as well. Many cases of this are better rewritten as paragraphs unless it is contextually important to "listify" the items for clarity (e.g. Purposes of lists edit Further information: Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Stand-alone lists  Selection criteria Lists have three main purposes: Information edit The list may be a valuable information source. Comparison of content in both prose and description list form Prose List A disease is any abnormal condition that impairs normal function, especially infectious diseases, which are clinically evident diseases that result from the presence of pathogenic microbial agents. The titles of stand-alone lists typically begin with the type of list it is (. Others feel that a more comprehensive set of lists would be useful.

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They might also be used for presenting equivalent words in two or more languages, for awards by type and year, and complex discographies. A list title in a section heading provides a direct edit point, if one enables section editing. The city's striking skyline has been composed of numerous and varied skyscrapers, many of which are icons of 20th-century architecture: The Flatiron Building, standing 285 ft (87 meters) high, was one of the tallest buildings in the city. If a list of Australians in international prisons contains the headings Argentina and Cambodia (organization by country it would be inappropriate for an editor to add the heading Drug trafficking (organization by offense). They can be organised alphabetically, by subject classification or by topics in a flat or hierarchical structure. The two most common types are: "Web hyperlinks" lists of links to web addresses other than Wikipedia, under the heading "External links" "References" lists of academic journal articles or books, under the heading "References" Wikipedia is not a link collection. They are different from disambiguation pages in that they are full-fledged articles meant to document multiple subjects, while disambiguation pages are for navigation purposes only. In the first few decades of the century, the city became a center for the Beaux-Arts movement, represented by architects Stanford White and Carrère and Hastings. A list item should not end with a full stop unless it consists of a complete sentence or is the end of a list that forms one. This is particularly the case for a structured list. These Wikipedia articles follow the. A major weakness of both variants of wikitext markup is that they are easily broken by later editors attempting to create multi-line values. More general) articles and lists this might include lists of people, list of countries, etc.

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Embedded lists edit, embedded lists are lists used within articles that supplement the article's prose content. Because they correspond to sections in the rest of the article below the list). It should also provide explanation for non-obvious characteristics of the list, such as the list's structure. ; name 2 : This is the value associated with the second name, which may also be long. Wikitext Appearance ol type"a" li this /li li list /li li uses /li li letters /li li as /li li indexes /li /ol this list uses letters as indexes ol start"10" li this /li. No final punctuation is used in most cases. Lists and their supporting material must be neutral. Tracks on an album). Simply present what the various sources say, giving each side its due weight through coverage balanced according to the prominence of each viewpoint in the published, reliable sources. In particular, pro and con lists can fragment the presentation of facts, create a binary structure where a more nuanced treatment of the spectrum of facts is preferable, encourage oversimplification, and require readers to jump back and forth between the two sides of the list. As such, there are templates for producing description lists such as glossaries, in ways that provide for richer, more complex content, including multiple paragraphs, block"tions, sub-lists, etc. Lowercase is best reserved for: lists introduced by a sentence fragment, with a short list of items, also fragments, continuing the extended sentence; glossary entries, where it is important to convey whether something is usually capitalized or not; lists. Contents, types of lists edit, wikipedia differentiates between articles that consist primarily of lists (generally called "lists" or "stand alone lists and articles that consist primarily of prose (called "articles. Name 2 This is the value associated with the second term, which may also be long. Guideline on when and how to use lists appropriately.

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massasje eskorte chattesider norge When deciding what articles and lists of articles to append to any given entry, it is useful to try to put yourself inside the mind of readers: Ask yourself where would a reader likely want to go after reading the article. Instead, use one of more formatted list styles defined above. Either way, make sure to add them to the main article if they are not already there.
Massasje eskorte chattesider norge Development edit Some lists are useful for Wikipedia development purposes. Use the same grammatical form for all items in a list avoid mixing sentences and sentence fragments as items. Consideration may be given to collapsing tables which consolidate information covered in the prose. Stand-alone list articles edit, main page: Wikipedia:Stand-alone lists, see also: Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Lists of works, list articles are encyclopedia pages consisting of a lead section followed by a list (which may or may not be divided by headings).
Escort online transvestite escorts Disease Any abnormal condition that impairs normal function, especially infectious diseases, which are clinically evident diseases that result from the presence of pathogenic microbial agents. Timelines edit See also: Wikipedia:Timeline standards For lists of dated events, or timelines, use one instance of Timeline-event per event, thus: * Timeline-eventdateStart date19041118dfyeventA thing happened * Timeline-eventdateStart date1905eventNot much happened * Timeline-eventdateStart date19060121eventSomething else happened to render as: 18 November 1904 . Words that are normally capitalized, like proper names, would of course still be capitalized.
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